City Coffee Company

City Coffee Company was founded by a set of humble and young friends trying to revitalize Freeport's downtown, while making really good coffee, in early 2010. The logo has its roots in early 20th century visual vernacular of downtown Freeport, and was partly inspired by Freeport's elegantly decorated Kraft Factory Band. In addition to the logo and website, exterior signage as well as other identity materials were designed and produced.

Radio Arte

A collaboration with 9 other young and fresh designers, in the summer of 2009, at Camp Firebelly on the creation of several projects for Pilsen's youth-driven public radio station, Radio Arte. Over the course of 10 days, we designed and created a poster, website, exterior window graphics, interior of recording booth, and even built a portable chalkboard to allow for interaction between the radio station and its community.


My senior thesis project, Chicago/Architecture is a hardcover book highlighting the top architectural milestones in Chicago's history. The goal of the book was to create a more engaging and fun approach for showcasing academic material. The limited color pallette and overlap effects gives the compositions dimension and contrasts the complexity of layouts. In 2009, Chicago/Architecture was one of only 44 pieces selected to be entered into the Chicago Design Archive by the STA.

Selected Spreads: Marina City, 860-880 Lake Shore Drive, John Hancock Center, Jay Pritzker Pavilion


Shine was a series of events thrown for the Alberto Culver Motions hair care brand. Women were invited to an exclusive lounge where they can get their hair and make up done, put on a new wardrobe and be photographed like a Motions model. There were world-class DJs, cocktails and celebrities to keep the ladies entertained.

Selected Collateral: Various Signage, Various Banners, In-Store Display, Photobooth

Creative Director: Mike Williams, Art Director: Elaine Chernov, produced at Commonground Marketing

Meet The Risks

Meet The Risks was the first online promotion for the newly relaunched Bankers Insurance website where homeowners can view the "Risks" they face and how Bankers can help them. I helped develop the overall style of Meet The Risks including: designing the logo and various hand set typography elements, helping illustrate the initial set of Risks and website design.

Creative Director: Noel Childs, Art Director: Paul Grachan, produced at Maddock Douglas


Various projects and pieces that I've worked on, including: Design for microbrewery Trencherman's Brewing Co. during Two Night Stand, a collaborative design experiment with epic results – view the entire creative deck here, Hey Champ cd design made during a workshop held by Someoddpilot during Camp Firebelly, reimagining what Play will look like in the year 2019 with Kay Gonzalez during Rick Valicenti's experimental VOX course – view our entire case study here, playing with wooden typography from the Hamilton Type Museum, and collaborating with Rule29 to produce a stellar calendar that helps put the reader in charge of their work and life.

telephone: 815.291.3131
Northern Illinois University
Bachelor of Fine Arts, May 2009
Visual Communication
Art History Minor

Dec 2011–Current
Interaction Designerr

Mar 2010–Dec 2011
Maddock Douglas
User Experience Designer

May 2008–May 2009
Design Intern
Craig M. Clark is an interaction designer straight outta Chicago

Born one blizzardy day of 1986 in the City of Pretzels in Northwest Illinois, Craig emerged from the snow and got to work at an early age. He left Freeport, headed East to DeKalb and studied Visual Communication and Art History at Northern Illinois University. During which he took a detour and studied contemporary Art and Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland during the spring of 2009. After graduation he set out to the Windy City and has since worked alongside some truly inspirational folks such as Rule29, Commonground Marketing, Cranky Pressman, UniGlory Studio, and more. Currently, Craig is exploring and developing user-driven interaction design at gravitytank.
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